About Us

Late one summer in 2010, on a walk to admire the changes being made in Jacksonville’s downtown plaza, we spotted a “For Rent” sign on an historic building. Peering in the window, we could see a fireplace mantel in a nook against one wall and an archway leading to another room. If someone wanted to open a bookstore in Jacksonville, this looked like the perfect spot. If only someone would open a bookstore…

By October, we’d decided who that someone would be: Us.

With no retail experience, but with a background in business and accounting (Jim) and in writing and education (Sally), we decided to take a chance. A bookstore in downtown Jacksonville would soon be a reality.

We were new at this, but we realized we’d made the right decision when everywhere we went (even the drive-through at our bank) we’d hear, “Are you the people who are opening the bookstore?” followed by an outpouring of support and enthusiasm. In some ways we aren’t surprised. We know this to be a town where the reading and writing of books is highly regarded.

We are committed to returning this support by making Our Town Books a comfortable place where people who like to read, to write, and to talk about books and ideas can gather.