“All the books fit for print.”


Welcome to OTB!

At Our Town Books you’ll find a great selection of new and high-quality used books, including classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, local authors, obscure works of particular merit, and most importantly, poetry. You won’t find any e-readers. Hop on over for a visit!

Marty holding an OTB mug.

Marty was the first to grab an OTB mug!

There’s a lot going on at OTB
in the next few months.

Check it out!

Upcoming Events include:

Book Signing by Jim Proffitt.

Poetry Group every third Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Visit our Upcoming Events Page to find out more!

Lee in a logo t-shirt.

Lee sports a new OTB logo t-shirt.

New OTB mugs and t-shirts are here!

T-shirts: $15.00
If we don’t have your size, let us know. We’ll order you one.

Mugs: $10.00 (or two for $15.00)

Tote bags coming soon!