Jacksonville Author: Betty Carlson Kay

You’ll find all of Betty Carlson Kay’s books on the shelves of Our Town Books, including her most recent one, Civil War from A to Z: Two Points of View. Local author, Betty Kay, taught elementary school for 34 years before retiring here in Jacksonville. She has written a number of local history books for adults and children. These include books about Jacksonville, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln and a new book about the Civil War.

Civil War A to ZCivil War from A to Z: Two Points of View

The Civil War from A to Z is written from Two Points of View so that one can begin to understand how the United States was torn apart by war not so very long ago. For example, “A, Antebellum” is first told from the North’s perspective and then from the South’s. This book is written for young people studying the Civil War in grades 4-8. (Publisher Blurb, Authorhouse)


A, Antebellum, North
Antebellum refers to the years before the Civil War in the United States of America. In the North, these were years of growth and change. Farms prospered in many places, yet cities grew with the arrival of immigrants and free blacks from the South. This ready source of workers kept factories humming and laborers bound to work long hours in sometimes poor conditions at the whim of the owner. The economy of the North flourished as the Erie Canal and railroad lines opened doors for selling factory-made products in the western territories, and western farm produce in the East.

A, Antebellum, South
For the lucky few in the Southern states, the Antebellum years meant a wealthy, genteel lifestyle complete with elegant homes and gracious manners. To them the growing country was offering life, liberty and happiness to all, or at least to those that mattered. Cotton was king and wealthy Southerners were like royalty.

Learn more about Betty Carlson Kay: Jacksonville Journal Courier article

Other books by Betty Carlson Kay include:

The Lincolns from A to Z, Authorhouse, 2008

What Did Lincoln Do… In 1832? In 1842? In 1862?, Authorhouse, 2005

Illinois from A to Z, Becky Carlson & Betty Carlson Kay, University of Illinois Press, 2000

Jacksonville Illinois: The Traditions Continue (Images of America Series), Gary Barwick, Arcadia Publishing SC, 1999


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