Introducing Poets Corner

Andy Mitchell, bookseller extraordinaire, has joined our website team to blog about poets, poetry and the bookstore poetry section. Andy will introduce you to our new Poets Corner:

Our Town Books is proud to continue a tradition — truly set in stone at Westminster Abbey — of celebrating poets. To inaugurate this new ‘corner’ of our site, I wish to honor the memory of Didi Muir, who left me with so many lines to chisel into her stone. The following poem is the latest in a series of laments.

Didi Poem #8

PT Cruising

Driving your car tonight
I think I must’ve dreamt
That song on the radio

The one about Mr. Kauf-
Man gone wrestling
The one that always made

You think of me.
And, yes, Didi, oh
I’ve heard about this one

Howling at the man
On the moon
That took you out

Of the blue
That took you for all
You’re worth

And put you
In this earth
I circle

For better or worse
(As if you were riding shotgun)
In that sawed-off hearse of yours.



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