Mrs. Dove Is on Her Way

On the second day of this week our distributor sent to us…two Rita Doves…and a cartridge for the printer. Truth be told, Jim would’ve gotten that last bit from Staples. The whole truth and nothing but the truth be told, I just fabricated the printer scenario for the sole purpose of using the word, ”cartridge,” simply because it rhymes with ”partridge.” You know, that which one might find in a pear tree.

Sorry, this verse junkie can’t get enough of his (de)vices.

But I swear on a stack of Gideons that Ms. Dove is on her way — mind you, in the form of books. Two in fact. And I for one am simply giddy in anticipation. Along with her most recent collection, ”Sonata Mulattica,” a sequence of poems telling the unlikely — but true — tale of a mixed-race violin virtuoso’s tumultuous relationship with Beethoven, comes ”The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry,” an autumn leaf-colored (forgive me), cloth-bound, tantalisingly see-through plastic-wraped edition, edited by the Pulitzer Prize-winning laureate.

These and other gifts-in-waiting shall be found ”at the round earth’s imagined corners” near the actual northeast corner of the square in downtown Jacksonville (i.e. Our Town Books’ poetry section). In the meantime, thank you for visiting our virtual corner.

Until next time…

If you’ll forgive my pun,
I’m Donne.


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