New Poetry Section

New Poetry SectionEach week I usually feature a particular poet and an attendant book by that poet on offer in the bookstore. Some weeks I might wax on beyond those fixed parameters, in accordance with my whims. This week I’d planned to follow up last week’s post with another one on translation, as it related to the book/poet I’d had in mind.

In the eleventh hour, I’m changing course, in order to announce (drumroll please) the unveiling of Our Town Books’ very own Poets Corner. The actual one (to accompany this virtual one) in the bookstore proper. Thanks to Sally’s inspired vision, and Jim seeing it to fruition, I am left with the fun part, that of filling it with books of, or about poetry and those who write it.

We, at OTB, believe that poetry ought not be relegated to some obscure, hard to reach area of the store. While The Canterbury Tales may not equal James Patterson in sales, I’d like to think that, over time, Chaucer will prove to be nearly as important a literary figure as Patterson (if, for no other reason, by virtue of the former having written all of his tales by himself, a boast the latter cannot make).

New Poetry Section 2

One of the many nice things about Our Town Books (such as free coffee and warm, hearth-side hospitality) is that we try to offer books of all shapes, sizes, prices, and ages (from brand-spanking-new to antiquated to fifty-centers), on a wide variety of subjects, for a wide variety of readers of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Every customer is priceless.

So, if you’re looking for James Patterson, you’ll find him — everywhere(!) throughout the store. But if Williams’ Paterson is the book for you, you’ll find it too. Though, in just one place: the northwest corner, on your left as you enter the store, next to the free coffee. The all-new poetry section. Hurry in (or saunter if you please) and peruse to your heart’s content.



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