New Owners

Dear friends of Our Town Books,

At the beginning of May 2015, Our Town Books will celebrate four years of being in business.

And at the end of May, we will turn Jacksonville’s bookstore over to its new owners, Andy and Jenn Mitchell.

Creating and running Our Town Books has provided us with some of the happiest years of our lives. Nevertheless, we have decided to sell. We’re doing it for health reasons–good health, that is. We want to spend more time hiking, riding bikes, and visiting grandchildren.

It’s time, and we know it.

We would never sell to just anyone, but only to someone who loves the store as much as we do, someone who reads widely, someone who truly cares about books and readers, someone who knows what a “real” bookstore is.

In other words, Andy.


How could we not be happy?

Jim and Sally

P.S. We’ll miss you.


One thought on “New Owners

  1. Molly Daniel

    Please don’t stop going to the bookstore! It’s a welcoming and stimulating place, and I am confident that Andy and Jenn will keep it that way. My sister and I made our first visit this past weekend, and we really enjoyed it. I’m so glad to see this growth and development on the Jacksonville square. It brings the place to life!


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